Declaration Of War

As of 1st of January 2014 war has been declared.


This is not a war that has been televised, talked about on the radio but it is real, it affects you and your loved ones.

The out come of each battle has an effect on the lives of millions of people, day in, day out. The old, the young, the poor, the rich, the educated and the uninformed… it’s not specific to any race, gender or nationality.

This war is fought day and night, everywhere. Globally. In the countryside and in cities alike. In school playgrounds, at the office, in board meetings, on public transport, in hospitals, night clubs, markets and on the streets …at the shopping mall possibly in your own home.

Everyone is affected.

When we look at our mothers, sisters, friends, people at our schools, collages and places of work, we see women of great potential. Women who have the opportunity to drive through change. To educate and inspire men and women to go onto do great things but they are being held back.

They are bing put down, they are being overlooked and ignored.

What we are talking about is an infection, a disease. A plague on society and all that is good. It erodes culture, happiness, health, wellbeing.

They are being told that this is okay to be a follower, not to be an individual and powerful and the greatest example of this is they are being taught that lack of consideration for physical appearance is okay.

This disease has been spreading from person to person, like a zombie plague, being sold to us by tabloids and those that support being bland, a follower.

What we are talking about is the ill fitting. The uninspired. The poor use of colour, silhouette, accessories. To be frank, the ugly. Bad taste.

By being sucked into this plague by zombies they are championing a complete disregard for ones self and others. It says: “I am not being the best person I can be”, “I have not made the effort to be my best for you and those I represent”, “I don’t respect you”, “I don’t always put my best foot forward” and worse of all… “It is okay not to be me”!!!

We are sick of this bullshit and we are making a stand for what is right.

We are building an army to take on this evil, today, now.

We do not believe it is right for a woman to be anything other than her absolute best, all of the time. She must be strong, well composed, a leader, confident symbolised by being well dressed.

For some of us, this isn’t a battle that we can over look. We can’t stand by idle, allowing this continue. We must make a stand. We can’t let sheep infect our family and friends, allowing them to think that something is “fine” or “okay…”.

We are putting an end to to conversation that says “it is okay to be average”, that where you have been controls who you can go on to be, that you have to settle. From this point on we are fighting for women. We are going to kill it. Dead.

Women will no longer have to settle for being okay, they can and will be; happy, beautiful, significant, powerful, leaders, creators, Bosses, CEO’s, Generals.

If you agree with us, you should be fighting for them too.

We are realistic. We know most people aren’t born fighters. Fighting battles is for the confident, brave, the loyal, the passionate. Those that believe that one can must do all they can to ensure that those they love will be protected from all that is evil. That is why we are building an army that will support you, we will provide training and the equipment.

You now have a choice before you.

You can join this war as a solder for what is right, or you can allow this evil to spread.

You can allow your mother’s boss to talk down to her. You can allow your sister to be told she can’t lead a company because she is a woman, you can allow your friends to settle for less pay than they deserve…

You can go back to collage or your job. You can ignore the poorly dressed, you can let them roam around like it is acceptable.

Or you can join us in this war and become a soldier, be the one to inspire, lead and empower. Show women how to go on and create amazing lives. All you have to do add your email address below to recieve updates and we will let you know as soon as the equipment is ready…

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You can also join us on our social networks to await further instruction…

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God’s speed ladies,

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good women to do nothing.

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